MobiLock Pro App for iOS

MobiLock Pro App enhances the functionality offered by the MobiLock MDM for iOS by offering these additional features,

  1. Send Broadcast Messages to Device
  2. Capture Location from Device
  3. Publish Files and Folders using MobiLock Content Management

For ease of reading the document we have divided this document into four further help documents. Please go through each one of them to get an understanding of how to use the MobiLock Pro App and it’s features.

Set Up MobiLock Pro App

The first and foremost step to use the features offered by MobiLock Pro App is to setup and configure it. Set Up MobiLock Pro App document walks you through on how to Publish the MobiLock Pro App and configure it on devices.

Sending Broadcast Messages

Broadcasting messages enables you send one time messages to device so that you can advise or guide your employees with a specific action. This document is a brief guide on how to send one-way broadcast messages to the device. Broadcast Messages document explains this feature.

Location Tracking for iOS Devices

In some cases it becomes important to collect the location of the devices while they are on field. This feature gives you the ability to collect the locations and view them on Dashboard. Location Tracking on iOS devices explains this feature.

MobiLock Content Management

MobiLock’s Content Management is a powerful feature that gives you the ability to push files and content to devices directly bypassing iCloud. They are stored in an encrypted format on the disk and most of the file types can be viewed without leaving MobiLock App. Please read our MobiLock Content Management document to know more.

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