MobiLock Pro offers you couple of mechanisms to install applications remotely on your iOS devices. For ease of reading, we have split the Application management into two parts.

Install iTunes Applications

This feature allows you to search and publish iTunes Applications on the iOS devices. You can remotely Install, Uninstall or Update the applications. Please read more in our Install iTunes Applications guide.

Install Enterprise Applications

If you have an in-house application then MobiLock Pro can help you to install this application remotely on your devices. We give you the option of either uploading the IPA file to our servers or if you have self-hosted the IPA then you can upload the plist file and install it from MobiLock Dashboard. Please read more in our Enterprise Applications guide.

Install VPP Applications

If your organization has enrolled to Apple VPP program then you can use MobiLock Pro to distribute your VPP applications. Volume Purchase Program helps in the silent installation of applications without any user-interaction, that is there is no need to Sign-In to iTunes account on the device. Please read more in our How to Setup VPP guide.

Application Management is a paid-add on which is free during the Trial.

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