Application Configurations for Android Devices

Applications those are authorized by Google Play Store and allowed to access by admin can create the configuration and push them. The applications which have built-in settings for configuration can help the admin to configure remotely. The access can be blocked for certain websites, physical locations of a user can be tracked by admin, cookies setting, popups setting, auto-fill, printing, and incognito mode window is configured at a basic level.

There are NETWORK, SECURITY, SEARCH, URL FILTERING, and MOBILOCK SETTINGS available while creating a configuration. There are applications which need credentials while configuring. The configurations can be applied to all a user devices or to a specific device.

Configuring Steps

We are considering the use of Whitelist Websites so you may follow the below steps to configure Chrome to open a shortcut on MobiLock Pro.

  1. In MobilLock Pro Dashboard, click Enterprise > My Apps > PLAY FOR WORK APPS.
  2. Click Chrome > PUBLISH.
  3. On Google Chrome panel, click CREATE in App Configurations tab.  The system displays a dialog box of Create App Configuration as shown in the image below.
  4. Insert name in App Configuration Name field.
  5. In BASIC tab, enter Allows access to a list of URLs, and import from the WhiteList Websites.
  6. Select Block All Except Whitelisted check box to block access to all other sites, and then insert website in Block access to a list of URLs field.
  7. On MOBILOCK SETTINGS tab, select Use Chrome to open MobiLock Pro WhiteList Websites Shortcuts or Auto-Whitelist future MobiLock Pro WhiteList Websites.
  8. Click SAVE and click   to publish. The system displays a dialog box of Publish App Configuration.
  9. Select Device Groups, Device Profiles or Devices as per requirement and click PUBLISH.

    Unpublish- Application configuration can be unpublish.

    Publish- Publishing the application configuration.

    Edit- Editing the application configuration.

    Delete- Deleting the application configuration.

    You can use custom fields as wildcards in these configurations. Read our Using Custom Fields as Wildcards guide.
    a. For configuration to take effect on the device, it would take 10-15 minutes.
    b. Only the WhiteList Website URLs are imported in Chrome configuration, the other properties of websites cannot be imported. Chrome offers multiple other options, please enable the ones that fit your need.

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