Device View

In the MobiLock Dashboard, on the Device details page, MobiLock Pro shows a logical snapshot of the device. There are two types of views that you can switch between, Lock View & All Apps View. Below are the details of the views.

  1. The default view of the device in the details page, is what you would ideally see on the actual device. This is called the Lock View. In the Lock View you can see,
    1. The system applications that are enabled.
    2. The third party applications that are enabled.
    3. The Enterprise store applications that are pushed on this device and installed on the device.
    4. The Allowed Websites (Web-Clips) that are set to be visible on home screen.
    5. The branding that is applied to the device.
    6. The right hand side panel shows you the information about the either the Group to which the device belongs or the Profile to which the device belongs.
    7. Additionally you can click on an application icon to see it’s information.
  2. You can click on the Home button on the device frame to switch to the All Apps View. All Apps view gives you the following information,
    1. All the 3rd party applications currently installed on the device, including the ones installed from MobiLock Enterprise Store.
    2. The right hand side gives you an option to SYNC APPS, which can be used to sync the newly installed third party applications.
The option to click on the Home button and view all installed applications is available only if the device is enrolled as a corporate device and not available if the devices are enrolled as a User device (via User Invites).

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