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Custom Setting Payloads

Apple MDM protocol offers various payloads to control different policies on the device. These policy payloads or configuration profiles are used by MDM providers like Scalefusion to provide device management capabilities. However, there are quite a lot of payloads that control various settings and policies on the device. Since it is practically impossible to include support for all payloads by providing a form or a UI, Scalefusion provides advanced IT Admins the option of creating their own custom payloads and pushing them to the devices via Scalefusion.

1. The Payload and its contents are sourced from various albeit authenticated Apple Developer communities and forums.
2. Please validate them on a test machine before deploying them on all your managed devices.
3. Scalefusion has tested these Payloads, however, Scalefusion will not be responsible for any loss of data or system malfunction that may arise due to the incorrect usage of these payloads.

By using the Custom Settings feature of a Scalefusion iOS Profile, IT Admins can use a top-notch plist editor and push an MDM payload supported by Apple directly to the devices.

Payload Title


Block websites on the Safari browser

Helps IT Admins to block access to selected websites on Safari browser while allowing access to all other websites.

Exchange Settings for accounts with Multi-Factor Authentication Enabled

Helps IT Admins to allow Multi-Factor Authentication for Azure AD Exchange Accounts.

Application Notifications

Helps IT Admins configure the application notifications.

Network Usage Rules

Helps IT Admins to block access to cellular data for certain apps.

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