Scalefusion June 3rd 2019 Release Notes ๐Ÿ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:ย v12.5.0

Release Notes:

  1. Introducing Workflows: Workflows are a great way to automate tasks and compliance alerts. With Scalefusion Workflows, admins can automate recurring tasks, based on device groups and policy configurations. You can apply Dynamic Policies, Automate Device Management Jobs, and Perform Compliance Audits on Managed Devices. Click here to read our help documents that will guide you on how to use Workflows.
We have migrated theย Alerts to Workflowsย as it enhances the functionality of alerts. However, due to some design considerations, we have prevented the creation of multiple Compliance based workflows. This means that compliance/alerts of type for Battery & Data Usage can be created once at Global level.We are working on enhancing this feature to add more value to the alerts and should be available soon.

The Team:

  • Development:ย Shubham, Divya
  • QA:ย Neha, Priyanka, Saili, Tushar

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