Android EMM Devices booting into Recovery Mode

Issue Description

We have observed that on certain Android EMM devices which are set-up in Kiosk or Agent Mode, boot into recovery mode. This basically causes the devices to show the Recovery Mode screen to the end users, requiring the device to be factory reset and enrolled in Scalefusion again.

In some cases a message is displayed on reboot which reads System UI has stopped and the issue is typically seen across multiple reboots.

First Report Date: 25th May 2020

Issue Observed On

  1. Samsung
    1. OS: Android 10
    2. Models: SM-G398FN, SM-J530F, SM-A405FN, SM-A105FN, SM-G398FN
  2. Nokia
    1. OS: Android 9
    2. Models: Nokia 6.2, Nokia 7.1
  3. Lenovo
    1. OS: Android 9
    2. Models: TB-X505L, TB-X606F, TB-X505X
  4. CUBOT
    1. OS: Android 9
    2. Models: Quest

Current Status: Open

Scalefusion Plan of Action - Part 1: Report Issue to OEM & Google

We have contacted Google Android team and the respective OEMs and have provided the device logs. This has been acknowledged as an OS specific issue and can be reproduced using Google's Test Agent. This has been acknowledged as a Known issue and a fix is slated for Android OS 11 release.

Scalefusion Plan of Action - Part 2: Temporary Workaround

Based on our debugging and triaging of issue we have added a workaround, the details of which are,

  1. Root Cause: Disabling Status/Notification Bar
    1. We observed that this issue is triggered on Kiosk or Agent mode devices if the Status/ Notification bar is disabled
    2. We also observed that if the devices have a Passcode Policy applied and if a Password is set on the device then this issue does not arise.
  2. Workaround: Enable Status/Notification Bar on Affected Devices
    1. Based on the observations, we have made changes on our backend by enabling the status bar on the device models on which the issue has been reported, to avoid triggering the issue.
    2. This automatic enabling of Status/Notification bar will be done on the affected models and OS versions if they do not have a password policy applied to them.
      1. If a password policy is applied then we do not apply this workaround as having a password seems to resolve the issue.
  3. Impact of Workaround: Users can drag Status/Notification Bar
    1. Kiosk Mode: Since the status/notification bar is enabled, the users will be able to drag the bar before it gets auto-collpased in Kiosk mode after 2 seconds
    2. Agent Mode: Users will be able to drag and interact with the Notification bar.

Next Steps

We will continue to apply the workaround until we get a permanent solution or a more definite workaround from OEM partners.

If you have any questions or looking for more information please contact

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