MobiLock September 2018 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information

  1. MobiLock Dashboard v7.0.0
  2. Android MobiLock Pro client v3.7.0
  3. Android FileDock client v1.5.0
  4. Android Eva client v2.0.0

Release Date - 18th Sept 2018

Release Notes

  1. Support for Presentations: Leverage your Content Management add-on and convert your devices into Digital Signage Kiosks. Know More.
  2. Support to Link and Publish your Google Drive files.
    1. Both 1 & 2 requires MobiLock Pro client v3.7.0 and FileDock v1.5.0
  3. Call & Contact Management: Added Call & Contact Management to Eva. Support for VoIP calls added. Know More.
    1. Requires MobiLock Pro client v3.7.0 and Eva v2.0.0

Development Team

Eva Communication Suite - Chetan, Harsh, Prashant, Martin, Neha, Afreen, Mohit, Alim
FileDock Presentation - Prafull, Pooja, Lalit, Shubham

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