Search and Distribute Android Apps from Google Play Store

You can Search, Approve, and Publish apps from Google Play Store on the devices those are configured with EMM. The apps are enabled and distributed to the devices through Google Play store. The Google Play Store accounts are created and maintained by EMM to identify users as per app distribution rules.

In an organization, there are different mobile application required to use in daily routine. The apps to deploy sales, marketing, business communication, business intelligence, and accomplish different work-related tasks. You can view all apps approved for distribution in the organization including apps purchased in the Google Play Store.

You can manage mobile applications and deploy them to your devices. You may configure and secure those applications with compliance policies and different settings. You can search, approve, and publish applications from Google Play Store, on the devices those are enrolled via afw#mobilock.

Searching and Approving Steps

  1. In MobilLock Pro Dashboard click Enterprise > My Apps.
  2. Click SEARCH & ADD in PLAY FOR WORK APPS tab.
  3. Enter app name in the field and select the app required.
  4. Click APPROVE and in APPROVAL SETTINGS tab select one option for Approval Preferences.
  5. Keep approved- The app would stay approved but NOT silently updated. If there is an update for an approved application, then it needs to be published again.

    Revoke app approval- This option to revoke the app approval makes the application unapproved. The unapproved application requires a new permission and you need to search that application. After searching, re-approve and publish the application again.

  6. Click DONE.
EMM for Android enables Play Store on the device due to which all the approved applications can be viewed. This provides a quick way to install those applications.
Google has deprecated Bulk Purchasing of Applications and Distribution from Paid Applications. That means application purchased from Google Play Store cannot be distributed from Managed Google Play Store.

Publishing Steps

  1. On Approved App section, click PUBLISH below the app. The system displays publishing panel at the right-hand side as shown in below image.
  2. Click PUBLISH APP.
  3. Select Device Groups, Device Profiles, and Devices. These are optional and hence you can select any of these to publish the application, which benefits the user accessibility for publishing a specific application.
  4. Click PUBLISH.

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