Android FAQs

  1. What benefit do we get from Android Enterprise Setup?

Some of the advantages of using Android Enterprise setup are,

  • A simple OOB Experience. Install Scalefusion right when you are unboxing your device.
  • Silent Install/Uninstall on devices with Android OS greater than 6.0, irrespective of the make/model of device.
  • Search And Publish applications from Google Play Store on your AfW managed devices.
  • Configure per-app Restrictions/Permissions from dashboard.
  • Enforce password policies on your devices.
  • Use Android Zero-touch Enrollment

  1. I am unable to see the dialing screen during a call when the device is locked with Scalefusion. Hence, I am unable to end the call. What is the solution?

Please publish and install the Call Assist app on one of the impacted devices. To do so,

  • Navigate to Applications Management > Scalefusion Apps.
  • Here publish and install the Call Assist App on the device.
  • You should see a small widget on the top bar. Tap on it and return to the call menu from where you can end the call or perform other in-call functions.
  • Alternatively, this can also be achieved by dragging the Scalefusion notification bar.

  1. Why am I not able to access the recent app key on the Android device inside Scalefusion?

The recent apps key is blocked inside Scalefusion for security reasons. To access/ switch or kill the background apps, you can enable the Notification center in the device profile. To do so :

  • Navigate to Device Profiles and Policies > Device Profiles. Click on the Edit Profile button.
  • Go to Kiosk/Launcher Settings tab > Notification Center tab. Enable the Notification Center and other required options.
  • Now click on the Update Profile button (at the top right).

You should be able to drag the notification panel from the top of the device and kill the background apps. This method is applicable on the devices with OS 6.0 and above.

  1. How to enable Notification Center inside Scalefusion?

To enable Notification Center on devices follow the below steps,

  • Navigate to Device Profiles and Policies > Device Profiles. Click on the Edit Profile button.
  • Go to Kiosk/Launcher Settings tab > Notification Center tab. Enable the Notification Center and other required options.
  • Now click on the Update Profile button (at the top right).

Now, you will be able to drag down the notification panel from the top of the device.

For devices with OS 8.0 & above, default interface to drag the notification centre from top does not work. You can choose to show a slider that users can click or drag to access the notification center, this can be set from the Kiosk/Launcher Settings tab in the device profile.

  1. Is there any way to remotely trigger OS updates?

MDM can only control the OS updates on EMM managed devices. You can set specific policies for the OS updates by navigating to Device profile and policies > Device profile > Restrictions > Secure settings > System update policy settings and set the preferred option. Click on the Update Profile(at the top right).

  1. If we have a device setup in Single App Mode(SAM), is there any way to exit from it so that the user can access three dots menu on the device?

Please swipe from the left bottom corner of the device screen to the center of the screen diagonally. You will get a prompt to enter the exit passcode. Once you enter the passcode, the single app mode will be disabled and you will be able to access the three dots menu.

  1. From which OS version Remote Cast feature is compatible?

Remote cast feature is supported from the Android OS version 5.0 and above.

  1. Remote Control feature is compatible with which devices(make)?

Remote Control functionality works on following:

  • Samsung devices with KNOX enabled
  • Wingman supported devices
  • Sony devices
  • Lenovo devices (only specific models)
  • Zebra devices
  • Rooted devices
  • And rest of the devices with OS version 7 & above using the Accessibility service

  1. When I send files to my android device using content management where are the files stored on the device?

The files pushed via Content Management are saved in the Filedock app on the device. However, there is also a custom setting through which you can configure specific destination for your files to be stored. For more information, please visit here

  1. Is there anyway to change the enterprise email for android for work?

The only way to change the Enterprise email account is by unenrolling the Enterprise and reregistering with a new email id. Click here to learn how to unenroll.

Unenrolling Enterprise account should be used with caution as it makes the EMM managed devices as normal devices. The devices will still be locked with Scalefusion however the EMM features will no longer work.

  1. Is it possible to set brightness on android devices globally?

Yes. To do so,

  • On Dashboard, navigate to Device Profiles & Policies > Device Profiles and edit the device profile
  • Go to Restrictions tab and click on Display Settings in the left bar
  • Enable Control Device Screen Brightness option and set the range
  • Click on the Update Profile button (at the top right).

  1. Can we take a screenshot when the device is locked with Scalefusion?

Yes. Please press the Power key and the volume down key at the same time and the screenshot will be captured and you can view it inside the kiosk mode in the Gallery app respectively.

  1. Is it possible to hide the address bar from the web browser?

Yes, you can hide the address bar of the Scalefusion browser compatible with Android devices from Allowed Websites > Browser Settings.

  1. When we push Apps from the play store to the tablets, whose email address does the play store associate with?

The Play for Works section is not associated with any email account, it's a service from Google for the devices which are registered with its EMM program. We only provide the Play For Works/Play Store interface through which you can publish the apps to the EMM managed devices. The push runs through Google servers in order to install the apps on the devices.

  1. What are the basic requirements for Android devices to make the Clear app data work?

Either of the below:

  • EMM & Android 9 and above
  • Wingman 4.X and Android 7 and above
  • Knox and Android 6 and above

  1. How do I push custom apps on the devices remotely?

Custom apps can be pushed from Scalefusion Dashboard to devices through Application Management > Enterprise Store > Upload New App > Upload Android App. Here you can do one of the following:

a. Upload the APK file to Scalefusion Dashboard.

b. Provide the link to external APK. To know more, please click here

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