Voice Calling with Eva Messenger

In Eva Communication Suite, Eva Messenger component provides the capability to Chat and Voice call (using VoIP) functionality between Administrators and devices on field for all Android and iOS devices. This document describes how to initiate a Chat and Voice call from Scalefusion Dashboard.

Before You Begin

  1. Make sure you have the Eva Communication Suite enabled for your account.
  2. All the devices have been updated to Scalefusion v4.0.1
  3. Support of Voice Calling is available from Eva Client version: Android v3.0.0.2080 & iOS v2.3.2
  4. Eva Client has been setup on Devices.

How to place a Voice Call

From Dashboard

  1. Sign In to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Eva Communication Suite > Messenger OR Click the EVA button at the top of Dashboard
  3. You would see a pop-up window on the screen with two tabs as All Contacts and Active Chats. Click on the All Contacts tab.
    The All Contacts list contains those Contacts who have Eva installed on their devices
  4. Select the contact/device that you want to make a voice call and click on CALL.
    The browser will ask for permission to use the microphone of your desktop or laptop. Click on Allow or Yes depending on your browser, to make a call.
  5. If the contact/device that you are trying to call has the latest version of Eva (v 2.0.0) installed then a call will be placed and a dialog below will be shown.
  6. Once the call is accepted on the receiver's end, the dialog will switch to a call in progress window as shown below,

From the device

  1. On the device, tap on Eva application and go to Contacts
  2. Select a contact from the list to whom you want to make a call
  3. In the chat screen area, tap on the 📞 icon in the upper right corner.
  4. Once the call connects, you get the following screen

  1. When the call ends, the chat area displays a small notification of call details like time of call, duration of call
  1. If the receiver doesn't pick up the call, the chat area displays notification that the call was missed

Voip calling is also possible between iOS and Android devices

Unlike Android, on iOS Eva call history is not shown inside Eva app. However, default dialler contact list does show call history

The above screenshots are from iOS devices. The process of VoIP calling is same on Android devices as well.

Frequently asked Questions

Question: Can the employees call the administrator using Eva app?

Answer: Yes on all the Scalefusion managed devices which are using the latest version of Eva (v 2.0.0), the employees can use the call feature in Eva Chat tab to call the administrator.

Question: What happens if the administrator or employee is not online when a call is placed?

Answer: The calls which are not answered are shown as Missed calls, both on Dashboard and on Eva app client.

Question: Can an administrator install the Eva app on his/her device and make VoIP calls from the app?

Answer: Yes. They can click on the contact that they wish to call and use the Call option.

Question: Does this feature require the devices to be connected to internet?

Answer: Yes. This feature works only if the devices are connected to internet.

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