Introduction to Conditional Email Access

Conditional Email Access or CEA allows IT Admins to enforce that the corporate email is accessed only from devices that are managed by Scalefusion. By ensuring that the devices are managed by Scalefusion, IT Admins can apply device or work profile level security & policy controls offered by Scalefusion.

Scalefusion allows IT Admins to easily configure CEA settings. For IT Admins, Scalefusion provides multiple options to drive the migration of existing devices/users as well as enrollment of new devices and provides a comprehensive control panel that allows to monitor the allowed/blocked devices. For the employees or end users, Scalefusion ensures that the the migration from an unmanaged device to managed device is as easy and seamless as possible.

Scalefusion supports conditional email access for the following providers, please click on the one you would like to configure to navigate to the specific guide.

Before you start configuring CEA we would strongly recommend going through our CEA Pre-Deployment Guide to understand and get an overview on how CEA works and the potential impacts that you as an IT Admin should be aware of.

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