Newsfeeds is a useful feature for any news or latest information that has to be circulated within the organization. With Oneteam, admins can now compose and post company wide Newsfeed to send messages and notifications to the entire workforce of the company, all this with just one click. A Newsfeed post is visible to all users with no additional setup needed. Plain-text posts, rich-text posts as well as posts with images can be shared on the Newsfeed.

The document describes how newsfeeds can be composed and other actions that can be performed on them.

Before You Begin

  1. You should be signed up on Oneteam.

Composing a News feed

  1. Visit and login with your account.
  2. Navigate to the Feeds tab on the left panel.
  3. Click on Compose button to compose a new post
  4. This opens the Compose Feed dialog box. Enter the following:
    1. Title: Enter the title of the news feed
    2. Description: Write a description of your post. The text can be modified with rich text editor tools. Up to 5000 characters can be added.
    3. Attach Photo: You can upload a photo/image which will show up as part of the post. Maximum of 4 images can be added with a post.
  5. After entering all details, click Publish
  6. The post will be published and visible on the dashboard as well as to all users in the organization under their Oneteam app's Feeds section
Super Admins, as well as the Channel Admins, can post, edit or delete a post within the Newsfeed.
Feeds can be composed and posted only from web but can be read on any platform viz. Android, iOS

Actions on Newsfeeds

Following actions can be performed on newsfeed posts:

  1. Edit: Any post can be edited and updated. The updated post will be visible to all. Click on the Edit button next to the post which opens the Edit feed dialog box. Make the changes and click Update.
  2. Delete: Using delete button, a post can be removed. It gets removed from devices of all users. Click on Delete button next to the post. A confirmation box comes up. Click Delete
  1. Refresh feeds: The Refresh icon before Compose button refreshes feeds and makes all new posts visible.

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