Using afw#mobilock for Android Device Enrollment

Before You Begin

  1. The Android Device must be running Android 6.0 and Higher 
  2. Devices are fresh out of the box(Without any account setup) or are factory reset.
  3. These Devices should follow standard Android OOB experience, that is allow you to enter GMail account during device setup.
  4. Create a QR Code configuration as described here.

Enrolling Steps

  1. Switch on the device and select Language and Country.
  2. Power On the device.
  3. Select your language and configure a WiFi. A WiFi connection is needed to download MobiLock Pro client.
  4. When you see the screen asking you to configure GMail account, enter “afw#mobilock
  5. Wait for the MobiLock Pro client to be downloaded.
  6. Click Install when prompted.
  7. Once done you should see the MobiLock Pro landing screen, which shows a camera view. In this screen,
    1. You can scan a QR Code if you have created a QR Code Configuration. You can scan a QR Code that you have created on MobiLock Dashboard. To create a QR Code configuration refer this document.
    2. If you would like to setup the device using a License Code or Sign-In credentials, then click on 3 dots menu option and navigate to the start page.
  8. On the Permissions Page, Set MobiLock Pro as Device Owner.
  9. Complete the Setup by choosing to Create an AfW account.
  10. MobiLock Pro performs silent setup in the background to make the device managed, which usually takes 10-15 minutes. You can check the state of the setup by clicking on 3 dots menu and selecting Diagnostics and the AfW Setup card will display the status. 
    You will see a Briefcase icon next to the device on the Dashboard if the setup is properly complete.

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