Branding is a functional feature that offers you mechanisms to create multiple Brands that can be applied to devices in your organizations. Scalefusion Branding offers the following features,

  • Set a Lock Screen Message
  • Set a Home Screen Wallpaper
  • Set a Lock Screen Wallpaper

This tutorial guides you through the process of creating and applying a brand in Scalefusion dashboard.

Please note these features are applicable to Supervised devices only.

Video Guide:

Please watch the video below to get a visual walkthrough.

Create a Branding

  1. Log-In to your MobiLock Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Device Management > Branding section.
  3. Click on CREATE.
  4. You would see a page with 3 tabs, GENERAL | ANDROID | iOS.
  5. Under the GENERAL tab you can do the following,
    1. Give the Brand a name.
    2. Choose if you want this to be default for all your future Device Profiles.
    3. Enter a Lock Screen message - Ideally of 255 characters.
  6. Navigate to the iOS tab. Here you can do the following,
    1. Choose a Home Screen wallpaper.
    2. Choose a Lock Screen wallpaper.
    3. Preview the wallpapers set.
  7. Click SAVE to save the Branding.

Applying Branding to Devices

MobiLock offers two mechanisms to apply branding to devices,

Publishing from Branding section
  1. Navigate to Device Management > Branding to see the list of saved brands.
  2. Click on Apply on the brand that you want to set.
  3. In the dialog that is shown, choose the Device Profiles where you want to apply this branding to.
  4. Note that MobiLock does not support apply branding to individual devices.
Publishing from Device Profiles
  1. Navigate to Device Management > Device Profiles.
  2. Select the Profile where you want to publish it and click on EDIT icon.
  3. Once in the Edit mode, navigate to Select Brand/App Order.
  4. Choose the Brand that you want to Apply.
  5. Click on NEXT and click on UPDATE PROFILE.
You can disable the user from changing the wallpaper by disabling Allow Wallpaper Modification setting in Device Profile > Restrictions > General Settings

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