MobiLock Dashboard v6.8.0, Android MobiLock Pro Client v3.6.7-635 (August 7th 2018)

Version Information

MobiLock Dashboard v6.8.0

MobiLock Android Client v3.6.7-635

Release Notes

  1. Support for Dynamic Custom Fields Added - You can use the device level custom properties in App-Configurations as wildcards and use it to set a per-device default URL if needed.
  2. Default App Behavior Enhancements
    1. Ability to Retain default app-state while re-launching the application.
    2. Default App with delay time is launched immediately if blocked because of an unauthorized action.
  3. MobiLock Browser Enhancements
    1. Use Whitelist Website properties when MobiLock Browser is set as default.
    2. Ability to Remove Identifying Headers
  4. Broadcast Message Enhancements
    1. Choose to display the message directly rather than having the user click on “Read” button.
    2. Choose to Ring continuously until user acknowledges the message.
    Please use caution while using this feature as if the device is Locked, then it might continue to ring for a long time.
  5. Ability to add Hidden Network from MobiLock Wifi Screen.
This is a critical update for MobiLock Android clients, so please test on 3 or 4 of devices before rolling out to all the devices.

Patch Release Notes

The Android Client had few minor issues and a patch release was done on August 14th 2018. You can read the release notes here.

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