Getting Started on iOS

In this tutorial, we cover the basics of how to get started and use MobiLock Pro to start managing your iOS devices. For easy reading we have divided it into 4 parts so that you can get going. Please follow the links and watch the videos to start using MobiLock Pro.

Before you Start

  1. You would need an Apple Id - Preferably the corporate or organization id.
  2. You would need a MobiLock Pro Account.
  3. You would need an iOS Device - Preferably a Supervised device.

Step 1 - Setting up the APNs Certificate

The first step is to allow MobiLock Pro to remotely connect to your devices. This is done by establishing a mutual trust between MobiLock Pro and your Apple Account and is a compulsory step. Hence in this step you would require your Apple Id. Once you are ready with your MobiLock Pro account and Apple account details, watch our Setting Up APNs  tutorial on how to do it.

Step 2 - Creating a Device Profile

A Device Profile is a MobiLock Pro entity, that helps you group the common set of Policies that you want to apply to your device. This is a mandatory requirement and you need to have at-least one profile. Once you have completed Step 1, read how to Create an Apple Device Profile to create your first profile.

Step 3 - Create a QR Code Configuration

Now that you have completed Step 1 and Step 2, the next step is to go ahead and create a QR Code configuration so that you can start enrolling your devices. Read and Watch our tutorial on how to Create a QR Code Configuration.

Step 4 - Enrolling your first Device

You are almost there. Now you would need a iOS device to start using the QR Code and enrol your device. Go ahead and try How to Enroll a device using QR Code.

Once you are done you might be interested in reading our other Help documents.

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