Powershell Scripts & Custom Setting Payloads

Powershell Scripts

Scalefusion offers support to remotely deploy and execute Powershell scripts. PS scripts are a great way to automate management of systems and lets IT Admins perform various actions remotely from Scalefusion console. We have created a library of frequently used scripts which IT Admins can use to create the scripts as per their needs and deploy from Scalefusion portal on their managed Windows devices. Click on the script title to load the related help document.

1. Some of the scripts and their contents are sourced from internet and various help documents of different vendors.
2. Please validate the scripts on a test machine before deploying them on all your managed devices.
3. Scalefusion has tested these scripts, however Scalefusion will not be responsible for any loss of data or system malfunction that may arise due to the usage of these scripts.

Script Title


Installing Google Credential Provider (GCPW)

Helps IT Admins install Google Credential provide application, which can be used to add the Google Workspace account on the managed Windows 10 device.

Update Local User passwords on multiple devices

Helps IT Admins change the passwords of the Local User accounts on Windows 10 and above devices.

Get BitLocker Recovery password

Helps IT Admins to retrieve the BitLocker Key from Windows 10 and above devices.

Format non-OS Drives and OS Drive data folders

Helps IT Admins format the OS and non-OS Drives.

Restrict Users from saving files on the Desktop

Helps grant Modify permissions and denies Write permissions for each local user's desktop folder.

Add Lock screen message

Helps the IT Admins to add a message on the Lock screen.

Change Time Server in Windows devices

Helps the IT Admins to set up a Time Server on their Windows devices.

Temporarily upgrade a Standard user to Admin user and then downgrade it

Helps IT Admins to temporarily elevate a local Standard User to an administrator on a device and then downgrade the same user to a Standard user.

Uninstall MSI application

Helps IT Admin to uninstall an MSI application from the managed Windows devices.

Restrict USB access on Windows Home

Helps the IT Admins to block USB devices like Pendrive, external HDD, SDD

Custom Setting Payloads

Windows 10 offers a Configuration Service Provider interface to control various policies on the device. These CSPs are used by MDM providers like Scalefusion to provide device management capabilities. However, there are quite a lot of CSPs that control various settings and policies on the device. Since it is practically impossible to include support for all CSPs by providing a form or a UI, Scalefusion provides advanced IT Admins the option of creating their own CSPs and pushing them to the devices via Scalefusion.

By using the Custom Settings feature of a Scalefusion Windows Profile, IT Admins can use a top-notch XML editor and push a CSP directly to the devices. Scalefusion supports Add, Replace & Delete operations of CSP.

Payload Title


Install Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge Extension

Helps IT Admins install Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser extensions on the managed Windows devices.

Hide News icon from Taskbar

Helps IT Admins to hide the News icon from the Windows taskbar.

Disabling Task Manager in Ctrl+Alt+Del Menu

Helps IT Admins to disable the Task Manager in the CtrlAltDel key menu.

Show/Hide WiFi menu on Lock Screen

Helps IT Admins hide or show the WiFi menu on the Lock screen.

Replace the current time zone setting

Helps IT Admins replace the current time zone settings.

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