Scalefusion August 22nd, 2022 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v40.0.0
  • Android Scalefusion Agent Version:Β v8.6.14

Release Notes:

  1. Distance Report: IT Admins can now get distance reports on Android and iOS devices, which provides information on the distance travelled by device. The report provides information on the pit stops or the places where the agent had stopped and also the total time the device was on the move.
  2. Data Usage and Screen Time Reports: We have redone the Data usage reports and screen time reports to increase the QoS and performance of the reports.
  3. Dynamic Groups Enhancements
    1. Multi Select: Now Admins can select some of the useful properties more than once to allow for more granular rules within a condition group.
    2. Test Run: Test run the rules to make sure that the configured rules are valid and to get an overview on the potential devices effected by the rule when the rule will be executed.
  4. Group Based App Management Enhancements: Enterprise customers can choose to now publish enterprise apps to User Groups in addition to Device Groups to better manage group based application management on BYOD devices.

The Team

  • Development: Shubham Gadiya, Amrata Pathak, Ajay Anarse, Ujwal Patil, Lalit Boraste, Ganesan Gopal, Phaninder Singh
  • QA: Saili, Preeti, Abhishek, Viraj, Sagar, Chandana, Monali, Manoj

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