QR Code Configurations for Android BYOD Devices

QR Code or Device Enrollment Configurations are a quick and easy way to send invitations to your employees. This would allow you to create a configuration wherein you can choose an auto device-naming convention, and the BYOD profile that should be applied to the devices that enroll using this configuration.

In this document we will see how to create a QR Code configuration using BYOD Profile and how to send invitations.

This document is to create a configuration for your Employee owned devices. If you are looking to enroll corporate owned devices please refer to our QR Code guide for Corporate devices.

Before You Begin

  1. Sign In to MobiLock Dashboard
  2. Have added Users as explained in User Management.
  3. Have created at-least one BYOD Profile as explained here.

Creating a QR Code Configuration

  1. Navigate to Device & User Enrollment > QR Code. This section displays all the device enrollment configurations that you have created.
  2. Click on CREATE to open the configuration creator window.
  3. The configurator creator is divided into 3 steps as explained below,
    1. Basic: Use this section to select the enrollment type. Choose Personal(BYOD) to create a configuration that will be used to enroll employee owned devices. Additionally in this section you can specify a device naming convention that will be used to auto-generate the names of the devices that enroll using this configuration.

    2. The next section is to choose the BYOD Profile. For BYOD enrollment type you can choose only the BYOD Android Profiles. Click NEXT once you have selected the profile.

    3. In the last section you can choose a default MobiLock License that will be applied to the users/devices enrolling using this config. Click SAVE once done
  4. Once a QR Code configuration is saved, it will appear on the configuration listing along with other configurations if any. Each BYOD configuration provides you with the following options,

    1. INVITE USERS: Start inviting users to enroll using this configuration. The users will be sent an email with the details on how to enroll.
    2. EDIT: Use the quick action on the action bar to edit this configuration. Any changes to the configuration will not effect the users who have already enrolled.
    3. BLOCK: Use the quick action to block the configuration. The invites sent prior to blocking will no longer be active and no new invites can be sent.

Inviting Users to Enroll using Configurations

  1. Click on the INVITE USERS button or the action icon to start the Invite flow,

  2. The first step in the invite flow is to review the email that will be sent to users. In the email, you as an admin can edit the Welcome and Thank you note, the other areas are for the use of MobiLock, where we will add the enrollment information. Click NEXT once you have edited the email as per your requirement.
The %org_info_support_email% is dynamically substituted basing on the Organization Info that has been provided earlier. You can use this expression if you want to restructure the note.
1. Once you have configured the email content, you can select Set as default template, so that the same template is used in future.
2. You can use the PREVIEW option to see how the end users would see the email.
  1. The last step is to select the users that you have previously added in the User Management section and click SEND,

  2. All the user's will get an email asking them to enroll their devices. Refer to our enrolling an employee owned device guide to see what would be the end user experience.

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