Install Progressive Web Applications (PWA)

Progressive Web Apps are modern light weight web applications that provides the end user an app like applications using web technologies like HTML5, CSS among others.These are like any other native applications and have their own App-Icon, can be configured to open in full screen.

Scalefusion allows you to remotely install PWAs on your EMM managed devices using managed Google Play Store. Furthermore you can set these applications in Single App Mode as well.

If your Web-Application is optimised for Google Chrome and you are looking to give direct access to your application using Scalefusion then follow the steps below to configure and publish a web-app.


  1. Complete Android Enterprise setup.
  2. Setup and Android Device using one of the EMM methods.

Step 1: Create a Web-Application

The first step is to create a web-application using the URL for your Web-App. Follow the steps below to create a website,

  1. Login to Scalefusion Dashboard.
  2. Navigate to Application Management from the left menu or top navigation bar and click on PLAY FOR WORK APPS. Here click on Add from Playstore to view the Google Play Store wizard.
  3. From the left hand side menu select Web-Apps and click on the + sign on the bottom right to create a new Web-App
  1. In the New Web App enter your web-app details
    1. Title: Provide a title for your Web-App. This will act as the name of app when its shortcut appears on Home screen.
    2. URL: Enter the URL from your web-app.
    3. Display: Select the display mode from Fullscreen or Standalone or Minimal UI. Please note that for Standalone and Minimal UI to work properly your web-app should use the HTML5 APIs as required.
    4. Icon: Provide an icon for your web-app that will be used for display purposes.
  2. Once you have provided the details, scroll to right horizontally and click CREATE
  1. It takes about a minute for the newly added web-app to appear in the list, however it takes about 15 minutes for the application to be approved. The web-app will be shown as Not available yet, unless it is available it will not be listed in Scalefusion's list of Play for Work Apps.
  2. Once your Web-App is approved, it will start showing up in Scalefusion in Play for Work apps section and is ready for deployment to devices.

Step 2: Publish a Web-Application

Once your Web-App is approved, it can be pushed to devices like any other application from Play for Work Apps.

For Web-Apps to be work properly please enable Google Chrome in Device Profile. You can make it not visible to the user if you are using Scalefusion Launcher screen.
  1. Navigate to Application Management > Play for Work Apps, Click on the Web-App and click PUBLISH
  1. Select the target devices and click PUBLISH
  1. Once the application is installed it will appear on the Scalefusion Home screen (kiosk mode) or default launcher app (agent mode).

  1. Clicking on the app icon will open it like a normal application.
You can set this Web-App to run as the Kiosk app or Single App mode by using the settings in Android Device Profile > Kiosk/Launcher Settings.

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