Samsung Smart Switch for Scalefusion managed devices

Samsung Smart Switch App allows you to transfer data (contacts, content, messages, preferences) easily from one mobile device over to Samsung devices. With few simple configurations, Samsung Smart Switch can be enabled on Scalefusion managed devices thereby making data transfer easier.

This document describes how Samsung Smart Switch can be enabled for Scalefusion managed devices.

Note: Here we will use the terms old device for the one from which data is transferred and new device for the ones on which data is being transferred.


  1. The new device on which you are transferring data, should be EMM Managed
  2. The old device should have Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app installed.

Step 1: Approve and add Smart Switch Mobile App on Scalefusion Dashboard

  1. Search and Install Samsung Smart Switch mobile application from Application Management > Play for Work apps by following the steps described here.

Step 2: Create App Configuration

The next step is to create an app configuration once the application is approved and installed. To do so:

  1. Navigate to Application Management > Play for Work Apps
  2. Click on the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app
  3. From the wizard on the right hand side, click on App Configurations tab and click CREATE.
  4. The App Configuration wizard will be shown. Enter the details in the wizard, as provided below:
    1. Enter Configuration name. For eg. Allow SmartSwitch Run
    2. Toggle on the setting Allow SmartSwitch Run
    3. SAVE: Click Save at the bottom to save the configuration
    4. Once the configuration is saved, it will reflect on Dashboard under App Configurations.

Step 3: Publish the configuration to managed devices

The next step is to publish the configuration to push them on devices. Follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to Application Management > Play for Work Apps.
  2. Click on the Samsung Smart Switch Mobile app.
  3. Click on the App Configurations tab to see the list of configurations. Click on the three dots next to the configuration created in Step 2 above and click on Publish.
  4. Select Device Groups or Device Profiles or Devices (on which data has to be transferred) and click PUBLISH.
Only the Groups, Profiles and Devices to which the Application has already been Published/Installed and have no other configurations applied will be listed here.

Important Note: On the Android Device Profiles on which you are publishing the configuration, please ensure that under Restrictions > EMM Settings the Allow Backup & Restore is set to ON.

  1. Once the configuration is pushed, it would take around 5 minutes for the configuration to take effect on the device.

Now launch the Samsung Smart Switch mobile app on both devices (old and new), select the content from the old device.

Select “Send” on your old device and “Receive” on your new Samsung smartphone. Select items to transfer and click “Transfer”.

Please ensure both old and new devices are on the same Wifi Network.

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