Wifi Configuration for Mac (macOS) Devices

Scalefusion Wifi configuration feature helps you create a Wifi Network that can then be pushed to the devices, so that the Wifi network is automatically configured.

In this guide we will see how to create a Wifi configuration and then apply it to a Mac (macOS) Device Profile.

Wifi Configuration

Creating a Wifi Configuration

  1. Navigate to Utilities > Wifi Settings. This screen displays all the Wifi networks that you have created till now. Click on CREATE NEW > Basic to create a new Wifi configuration.

  2. The Wifi Configuration window is displayed with the following fields,
    1. Configuration Name: Enter a name for this configuration, to refer to it across Dashboard.
    2. SSID: Enter the SSID broadcast name for the Wifi.
    3. Hidden Network: Enable this if the network is hidden.
    4. Security Type: For Windows 10, MobiLock currently supports None, WEP, WPA/WPA2 PSK.
    5. Password: If the security type is WEP OR WPA/WPA2 PSK, enter the password required to connect to this Wifi.
      Once you have entered the relevant details, click on SUBMIT to save the configuration.
  3. Once the configuration is saved it will start appearing in the list of configurations.
NOTE: Currently Scalefusion only supports Basic Wifi configurations for Mac Device Profiles.
You can use the Publish option from the Wifi configuration screen to directly publish the configuration to a Mac Device Profile.

Configuring Network Settings in Mac (macOS) Device Profile

Now that you have created a Wifi configuration, we can use the Network Settings section to select the Wifi configurations that should automatically be configured on the Mac devices. Follow the steps below,

  1. Navigate to Device Management > Device Profiles section.
  2. Launch the Device Profile Wizard, by clicking on CREATE NEW PROFILE or select a Mac Device Profile and Edit it from the action panel.
  3. Click on the Network Settings option and enable the Wifi configuration that you just created,
  4. You can select multiple Wifi configurations in this screen so that they are remotely configured on the device. Depending upon the network signal and strength, macOS chooses which Wifi to connect automatically. Please note that users can still manually connect to other Wifi SSIDs if they know the password.
  5. Click SAVE on the top right to save the changes to the device profile.

Users can still connect to other Wifi SSIDs if they know the password. MDMs cannot enforce or strictly whitelist the Wifi configurations that are allowed.

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