Scalefusion March 9th 2021 Release Notes 🙌

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard: v25.0.8

Release Notes:

  1. Developer API Enhancement - Enterprise App Management API for Android :With this new API Admin/customers can integrate their needs wrt managing Enterprise Apps such as querying for Enterprise apps, Publishing / Unpublishing , Delete etc. This is helpful if admins want to integrate publishing of applications with their CI/CD systems.
  2. Embed Wifi in QR Code Config for Android: Now admin can provide WEP/WPA/None type of  Wifi Configuration while creating/editing QR Codes. This simplifies bulk enrollment process by setting wifi through QR code scan and avoiding manual set-up process.
  3. Windows Profile/Configuration Error View: This feature allows Admins to see the errors occurs during profile setting. . Admins can use this section to self correct the issues.
  4. Apple School Manager (ASM): Phase 0.1 : Allows to set up Apple School Manager based DEP or VPP.

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