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MobiLock Pro integrates single and web-based resource making it easier for the enterprise to provide extended management capabilities to Android device.


MobiLock Pro acquaint Enterprise Mobile Management an environment to easily add new devices and users to configure system settings. This would prevent unauthorized access to your enterprise applications and data on mobile devices.

EMM provides solutions that centralize the management, configuration, and security of all devices in an organization. It furnishes all solutions for Mobile Device Management, Mobile Application Management, Mobile Content Management, and Identity Management. EMM can help your enterprise employees to be more productive by allowing them access to those applications and data which are work-related tasks on mobile devices.

EMM for Android is an umbrella solution that separates the Mobile Device Management into four different set of solution which are:

  1. Corporate Owned Single Use (COSU): COSU refers business owned Android devices which behave and deploys for a single dedicated purpose. You may enroll, deploy and manage such business-owned Android device through COSU profile using Android for the Work platform.
  2. Work Managed Device (WM): This solution set is designed for corporate-owned devices that are used exclusively for only work. This manages the entire device and enforces an extended range of policy controls unavailable to work profiles, restricting the device to only corporate use.
  3. Mobile Application Management (MAM): This solution set only enables the distribution of applications. You may distribute public and private apps to the users on the Android devices.
  4. Bring Your Own Device (BYOD): This solution allows the employee of the organization to bring their own device and use those devices to access permitted company information and applications.

Android for Work secures enterprise data and integration with Google applications for business purposes provides personal and work profiles in a single unified platform.


MobiLock Pro provides WM - Work Managed Device solution for enrolling the device before managing at enterprise platform and this could also be referred for AFW. MobiLock Pro opts Google features and mandatory terms for data security and supports following features:

  1. Enrolling and Un-enrolling an enterprise.
  2. Deploying applications directly from Google Play Store to Work Managed Device.
  3. Enforcing App Permission policies for the applications approved from the Google Play Store.
  4. Enforcing App Configuration policies for the applications approved by the Google Play Store.
  5. Enforcing Password policies on Work Managed device.
  6. Ability to remotely Screen Lock and Factory Reset the device.

Additionally, we provide a value-added feature so that user can leverage to set a better environment for Work Managed devices. MobiLock Pro allows the user to configure Google Chrome with the defined Whitelist websites. Also, the configured Google Chrome can be set as a default browser for these Whitelist websites instead of a MobiLock browser.


* Ensure the Android version must be 6.0 and above. 

* You need to have a new device or device that has been Factory Reset

* Ensure Wi-fi connectivity is set to active while accessing MobiLock Pro- EMM

* The basic and must needed requirement is a Gmail account.

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