Applying Nickname to License

All the device licenses are listed under Manage Licenses menu in the MobiLock dashboard. This contains a summary of licensed devices that includes Purchased date, Provisioned devices, Expiry date, Cost, Status if active/merged/suspended/expired, and Configurations.

The license list on the Manage Licenses page shows the number of devices those are provisioned on and devices that can be provisioned against each license listed. You can view the number of devices those are assigned to a license and number of unlicensed devices is also displayed on the screen when you select the license.

Searching Devices

The Search field in the Manage Licenses main page helps to find the devices by any of the options those are mentioned here. The options are:

  • License Key,
  • Device IMEI,
  • Serial Number, and
  • Device Name

Viewing Licenses and Device Details

When you are viewing the license details on the Manage Licenses main page you can select one of the listed licenses and see the additional information available on that screen. The License Code is visible in the Device Full Information on the Device card. You can search the devices License code applied to a device. You can see how many devices can be allocated in a license in the PROVISIONED ON column.

Applying Nickname to License

You can name a Device License with a specific nickname making the search easy.  This makes it more convenient to use a nickname for QR Config or IMEI based enrollment. You can search the license using the nickname while you are navigating on Manage Licenses main page. When you export a CSV you can view a nickname in the column.

You can follow the steps for editing a license name.


  1. In MobiLock Pro dashboard, navigate Manage Licenses and select the preferred license.
  2. On the second page, click 3-Dots that is displayed next to the MOVE DEVICES smart button.
  3. Click Edit License Name and enter the name in the existing name.
  4. Click SAVE.
  5. Tip: The name should be maximum 32 characters and allowing A-Z, a-z, 0-9, -, _ characters.
  6. When a nickname is added or edited it is displayed in two categories:
    • In the row of licenses of the Manage Licenses.
    • When you select a license to view the license details, it will be displayed at the top bar below the license name.
  7. Moving Devices from License

  8. You are allowed to move any device from the license those are listed in the license card. You can follow the steps for moving a device from a license.
  9. Steps
  10. In MobiLock Pro dashboard, navigate Manage Licenses and select the preferred license.
  11. On the second page, click MOVE DEVICES.
  12. Select the Device Name in Move devices to this license dialog box and click MOVE.
  13. Removing License

  14. You are allowed to remove a license, however, those devices with no license are not displayed on the dashboard after the trial period. When you have selected any license from the Manage Licenses main page you can select the device listed in the Provisioned On / Devices section.
  15. Exporting CSV

  16. You are allowed to download the license information in a CSV from the main page of Manage Licenses. This CSV provides information of license code, Provisioned On device(s) Count, Activated on, Expire Date, Purchased On, Status, and Cost.

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