Scalefusion July 26 2019 Release Notes πŸ™Œ

Version Information:

  • Scalefusion Dashboard:Β v14.2.0

Release Notes:

  1. Introducing Support for Azure AD (Office 365) for Dashboard Management

Now an Organization can Sign In or Sign Up using Azure AD (Office 365) to Scalefusion Dashboard. You can also Invite other administrators to Sign In using Office 365. This integration also allows you to Import your users and invite them to enroll their devices to Scalefusion (BYOD).

For our existing users looking to migrate to using Office 365, please refer to our help document.

The Team:

  • Development:Β Chandra, Jyoti, Shashank,
  • QA:Β Saili, Neha, Abhishek, Ashwini, Harish, Priyanka, Prafull, Vishal, Tushar

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